Massage at 22
 At Massage at 22, our sessions are customized to fit your needs and goals.  We are devoted to helping you recover from pain, injury, and  to  unwind from your daily stresses.  With knowledge and experience , we provide treatments that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.  So whether you are looking for a specific service or a pampering session, give us a call and book today.
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" She was beyond wonderful! A relaxing atmosphere, perfect pressure, and smooth rapport. I found  Massage At 22 with Groupon, but I will definitely be back soon! Her technique and professionalism is like being at the Four Seasons! :)"
                                                                                    Karimah G.   Dec. 26, 2018   (Yelp)
" One of the best massages I've ever had ! She pinpointed all my sore spots and I felt unbelievable relaxed ! Would highly recommend"
                                                                                    Karimah G.   Dec. 22, 2018   (Groupon)
" Very professional, friendly and informative. The massage was great! I would definitely go again and I highly recommend"
                                                                                    Kim C.   Nov. 27, 2018   (Groupon)
" Hot towel, heated table, and essential oils were great. My shoulders and back feel much better now."
                                                                                    Kim C.   Nov. 15, 2018   (Groupon)
" I am glad that I purchased 3 sessions. Just today morning I had  my first session and I am very much impressed by the massage session. She was just brilliant, I am so relaxed

Looking forward to my next two sessions"
                                                                                    Praveen K.   Oct. 27, 2018   (Groupon)
" She was the best masseuse I've had in a long time. Excellent massage!"
                                                                                    Jennifer B.   Oct. 10, 2018   (Groupon)
" So, so glad I purchased this groupon! Shiobhan is phenominal, and I love support the one-woman business thing she has going on. I have been back since my groupons ran out and I plan to keep going back. Great little room, easy to get to, and super comfy table. She gives you a bottle of water to go afterwards too :)"
                                                                                    Alyssa G.   Sept. 22, 2018   (Groupon)
"She did a really great job."
                                                                                    Junyves V.   Aug. 24, 2018   (Groupon)
"It was my first massage and she was awesome, made me feel very comfortable!"
                                                                                    Jaime S. Aug. 8, 2018   (Groupon)
"I don't think I could ever go to anyone elso now, she is literally the best! I will recommend Shiobhan to EVERYONE!"
                                                                                   DT  July 26, 2018   (Yelp)
"Was very pleased!  Therapist was very professional and experienced. Have an appointment to go back."
                                                                                    Sandy L. July 13, 2018   (Groupon)
"So great."
                                                                                    Beth B. July 11, 2018   (Groupon)
"My body was filled with knots and the therapist really got into the knots."
                                                                                    Rosethya July 9, 2018   (Groupon)
"Amazing! She was so nice and made me feel very comfortable, I'll definitely be back!"
                                                                                   Jamie S. July 9, 2018   (Groupon)
"She was great!!!  The amount of knots I had was no match for her. She got them all"
                                                                                    Sky M. June 12, 2018   (Groupon)
"Terriffic massage in a very clean and pleasant atmosphere! One of my best massages ever!"
                                                                                    Maureen B. June 12, 2018   (Yelp)
"Amazing!!  The massage I received was deep, relaxing, & hit areas that needed work as discussed prior to the massage.  She was thorough and made me feel very comfortable.  The location is convenient and the massage room was immaculate & very tranquil.  I already booked my next 90 minute.  I have an ongoing neck injury and felt enormous relief.  I have been to many massage therapists & Massage At 22 is superior.  I would suggest a 90 minute as proper time can be allowed to work troubled areas.  I highly recommend Massage At 22."
                                                                                    Brenda H.  Nov. 28, 2016   (Yelp)                                           
"I have been receiving massages from Shiobhan for years and nobody does it better!!!  She's so great at what she does and she can give you a relaxing massage or deep tissue to help work out the kinks!  You will not be disappointed at Massage At 22!"
                                                                                    Leah P.  Aug. 12, 2016   (Yelp)
"Yet again I had an amazing massage with Shiobhan.  So relaxing and just what I needed!  The space is calming and inviting!  Price is great and Shiobhan is professional and friendly!  Highly recommend Massage At 22!"
                                                                                                          Christina M.  Aug. 23, 2016   (Yelp)

"Great massage!  I highly recommend."

                                                                                                           Michelle M. Oct. 31, 2016   (Groupon)

"Amazing massage!  Will definitely be back for another."

                                                                                                           Kellie F. Dec. 4, 2016   (Groupon)

"Shiobhan is wonderful!!!  I'm 6 months pregnant and she gives AMAZING prenatal massages!!!  I love that she has a heated bed, especially with this cold weather!  She's super friendly and great to work with.  I've had many massages in my lifetime and she truly is a great massage therapist.  She is also super reasonably priced!  She has my business!!" 

                                                                                                            Elizabeth H. Dec. 9, 2016   (Groupon)

"Shiobhan is unbelievable!  She is second to none when it comes to a great massage therapist."

                                                                                                            Antonio J. Jan. 15, 2017   (Groupon)